HO-YEON soap

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HO-YEON soap.

Yeon Ho Soap explosion scurf 90 g

Improves skin radiance. Smoother Tanning should be up 3 to 5 minutes. The scurf off more easily without rubbing the skin vigorously. Helps kill bacteria Reduce acne on the face can help reduce wrinkles. And mottled skin on the face were badly frostbitten skin is not pretty pin-striped mosquito bite can help. And to reduce stretch marks Back to the surface again. Remove dirt Reduce clogged pores. Causes acne Bomb scurf skin without rubbing vigorously. Or bleaching the skin, it gives off skin whitening skin was healthy again.


Product Description

How to use:
Clean your skin every morning and evening. After purification, 3 to 5 minutes Rinse hands of others The minor skin Scurf is out there The skin scurf off hard. May be used as rubs the skin gently, but do not scrub vigorously. It’s out of the skin even more.

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HO-YEON soap

90g Soap Free Shipping ? Yes Select Flat Rate is Free shipping!
90g Original under FDI License 101-5856568 Not have a # On the box meaning FAKE! Have allot offer with a FAKE product of the HO-YEON SOAP