SOAP HO-YEON Blue Detox Soap

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Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap, Soap detox the skin. Cleansing Skin Smoother

White and reducing acne acne papule acne effectively. And reduces dark spots on the face.

Honey extract nourishes the skin naturally.

Ho Yeon Facial Detox Herbal Blue Soap Clean Reduce Acne. Whitening Clear Spot Skin.

Reduces the blackened skin to reduce the look of the pigment melanin, which is more than necessary.

Allows skin to white skin pink solution,

freckles and dark spots to fade and smooth surface profile.

Pores tighten up radiant skin without wrinkles. Skin will feel soft and smooth skin rebound from the first wash.

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Product Description

Features of the Ho-yeon Majesty Blue Detox Soap.

– White rebound

– Rash, acne breakouts.

– Reduce freckles

-Pores and tighten skin.

Product : Ho Yeon

Condition : Brand new, Never use.

Quantity: 1 box

weight : 70 g

How to use: : Use a cleansing every day – morning and evening.

+ Use regularly and continuously.

+ Results vary depending on individual Test

+ Cosmetics and food can not change the natural skin permanently.

+ Should be kept in the shade. Airy No place in the colonies Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

+ Please read the warning label on the product or documentation that product before use.

If you are allergic, please stop using and see your dermatologist.


Additional Information

Weight 0.12 kg
Blue Detox Soap

70g Detox Soap Free shipping.
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70g Original under FDI License 101-5853973 Not have a # On the box meaning FAKE! Have allot offer with a FAKE product of the HO-YEON SOAP