Hello, welcome you to an informative blog about worming.

Surely you visit at some sushi restaurant, or you order a Biggest beef steak? Surely Visit public toilets are – touching the public areas holder and door handles.

Travel by public transport?

Occasionally you order in the restaurant tasty vegetables or fruit salad?

Not occurred to you why your pets wormed up to two to three times a year and you do not need it?

So you’re very much mistaken 97% of the human population is infested with parasitic diseases.

It’s up to you if you want to get rid of the parasite preventative or let it grow into a health catastrophe.

I’m suffering from insomnia. Do you have a headache. You are restless. You sweat excessively. Very quickly get nervous? So for all of this is definitely worth 90% of parasitic diseases.

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Instructions “CZ PDF” for dosing according to medical facilities.

Czech and English protocol of dosage read more here


Phase 1 in the preventive worming

Praziquantel or Niclosamide.

2 Phases  preventative worming

Albandezole 200mg – Albandezole 400mg.

3 Phases  preventative worming

Ivermectin 6mg  – Albandezole –  travel Package.

4 Phases  preventative worming

Mebendazol – Benda.

5 Phases  preventative worming

Metrolex or Flagyl Cleaning the urinary tract and the eyes

6 Phases  preventative worming

Hetrazan – cure for cleansing the body

Supportive dietary supplements during worming.

Clean Kidney – Liver support – trace Elements