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Herbal Clove Toothpaste

with Aloe Vera & Guava Leaf

Purchase contains 100g Herbal Glove Toothpaste + traveling cup with Herbal Clove Toothpaste 25g.


Herbal clove toothpaste helps to eliminate from cigarette,tea,coffee and whitening teeth.

Reduced to have a hypersensitive tooth and anti bacteria.You have fresh breath for a long time.

Ingredient : Sorbitol,water,(purifide)hydrate silica,glycerin,calcium carbonate,sodium lauryl sulfate,sodium bicarbonate,propylene,glycol,menthol,magnesium aluminum silica,sodium benzoate,CL77891,mentha piperita oil,clove oil,camphor,PEG-40,hydrogenated castor oil,borneol,sodium saccharin,aloe barbadensis leaf powder,psidium Guajava leaf extract.


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